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Brief History

The 'Department of Punjabi Lexicography' came into existence on 23-2-1992. Prior to this, there was just a ' Punjabi Shabad Jor Kosh Cell' which was approved by the University Syndicate on 16-9-1978. The main function of the 'Punjabi Shabad Jor Kosh Cell' was to prepare a Punjabi Spellings Dictionary. So the history of the Department may by discussed in two parts i.e. The History of 'Punjabi Shabad Jor Kosh Cell' and the History of the Department of Punjabi Lexicography'.

Shabad Jor Kosh Cell

    It is clear from the name of the cell that it was created to prepare a Dictionary showing the correct spellings of the Panjabi words. The Project of preparing the Dictionary was given to Dr. Harkirat Singh, a well known grammarian and linguist of Punjabi Language. To speed up the preparation of this Dictionary following staff was provided to the cell.

  1. Editor Dr. Harkirat Singh
  2. Assistant Editor/ Lecturer S. Manmander Singh
  3. Language Investigator S. Janmeja Singh
  4. Technical Assistant S. Harcharan Singh
  5. Clerical Assistant S. Karamjit Singh
In the year 1982 Dr. Rachhpal Kaur was appointed as Lecturer and worked as Assistant Editor.

Guidelines to work for the staff

    The University had formed a Shabad Jor Committee to frame the rules of spellings of Punjabi Words.The Members of the Committee were:
  1. Giani Lal Singh   ( Chairman )
  2. Dr. Bhai Jodh Singh
  3. Prof. Pritam Singh
  4. Dr. Harjit Singh Gill
  5. Prof. Gulwant Singh
  6. S. Jagjit Singh Anand
  7. Dr. Vishwa Nath Tiwari
  8. Dr. Harkirat Singh   ( Convener )

The Committee met many times to ascertain the rules. The rules of Punjabi Spellings framed by this committee were discussed on 22-2-1977 in a convention of Punjabi Scholars and the same were approved by the Punjabi University Senate on 23-3-1972. The Academic Staff collected Punjabi words and the spellings were formed according to the rules given to the staff.

    For the guidance to the staff of the Cell and to solve day to day problems of the spellings of the words an Advisory Commitee of the following members was formed :
  1. Giani Lal Singh Ex. Chairman , Punjab Public Service Commission
  2. Dr. Harjeet Singh Gill , J. N. U. New Delhi
  3. Prof. Gulwant Singh , Punjabi University , Patiala
  4. Dr. Prem Parkash Singh , Punjabi University , Patiala
  5. Prof. Pritam Singh , G. N. D. U., Amritsar
  6. Dr. Attar Singh , Panjab University Chandigarh
  7. S. Jagjit Singh Anand , Editor ' Navan Zamana ' Jalandhar
  8. Dr. Hardev Bahri , Allahabad
  9. Dr. Inderpal Singh , Punjab School Education Board , Mohali
  10. Dr. Mohan Singh Rattan,Punjab State University Text Book Board, Chandigarh.
  11. Dr. Karnail Singh Thind, G . N. D. U., Amritsar
  12. S. Rajinder Singh Bhasin , Language Deptt. Punjab, Patiala.
  13. Dr. S. S. Kishan Puri , D. P. I. (S) , Punjab , Chandigarh
  14. Dr. S. S. Joshi , Principal , Shivalik College Naya Nangal
  15. Dr. Dharam Pal Singhal , Panjab University, Chandigarh
  16. Dr. Harkirat Singh , Punjabi University , Patiala
The First Edition of the Dictionary named 'Punjabi Shabad-Rup Ate Shabad-Jor-Kosh ' was published upto 1985 in seven volumes.

The Department

Lexicography is the scientific practice of the dictionary making. It provides the foundation of a language. As reference books, dictionaries help to do away with confusion about a language. Keeping in view the importance of Lexicography, in the year 1992 , the University converted ' Punjabi Shabad Jor Kosh Cell ' into ' ' Department of Punjabi Lexicograpby '. Lexicograpby Department is a research department engaged in monolingual and multilingal dictionaries.

Following teachers and Research Staff was provided in the Department :

  1. Joga Singh, Ph.D, Professor & Head
  2. Sh. Chiragdin(Anwar Chirag), Lectuer (Adhoc)
  3. Dr. Kuljit Kapoor , Lecturer
  4. Mrs. Suman Preet , Lecturer
  5. S. Gurbax Singh , Lecturer
  6. S. Karamjit Singh , Technical Assistant
  7. S. Nagar Singh , Technical Assistant
  8. S. Nishan Singh , Language Investigator
  9. Dr. Paramjeet Kaur, Language Investigator
  10. Dr. Tarlok Singh Anand,
  11. Dr. Daljeet Kaur, Project Assistant
  12. Mrs. Usha Bhardwaj
  13. Sh. Lajpat
LEXICOGRAPHY Department is a Research Department engaged in monolingual and multilingual Dictionaries. Different projects have been taken up to analyse the shades of meanings, moods of words and new interfaces occurring in the vocabulary six Dictionaries have been published and eight Projects are in hand. Following assignment are completed:
  1. Punjabi-English Dictionary-1994
  2. English-Punjabi Dictionary-1996
  3. Punjabi-English Dictionary-1998 Second Edition
  4. Punjabi-Shabad jor Kosh- 1998 New Edition
  5. English-Punjabi Dictionary 1998 Fifth Edition
  6. Sanskrit-Persian-Punjabi Dictionary-2000 (Project Submitted)
  7. Sanskrit -Punjabi Kosh for 2002 (Project Submitted to HRD)
  8. Sanskrit-Punjabi Dictionary-2002

Assignments in Hand

    At present, the Department is working on the followings assignments:
  1. Punjabi-Punjabi Kosh (School-Level Dictionary)
  2. Punjabi-Sanskrit Kosh
  3. Malwai-Punjabi Kosh
  4. Persian-Sanskrit-Punjabi Kosh
  5. Punjabi Samnam Kosh
  6. Bhasha Vigianic Takniki Shabdavali Kosh
  7. Punjabi Bhasha Vich aa Rahe Naven Shabad
  8. Urdu-Punjabi Kosh
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