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Department History

Punjabi University Patiala, one of the premier institutions of higher education in the north of India , was established on the 30th April, 1962 under the Punjabi University Act 1961. This is the second University in the world to be named after a language, the first being Hebrew University of Isreal. The main task before the University was to develop and promote the language, literature and culture of the Punjabi people. The Punjabi University take spride in the  achievement of Five Star Status awarded by the NAAC, an autonomous body of the University Grants Commission. The University has a modern well planned campus situated on Patiala-Chandigarh road at a short distance from the main city Patiala . Sprawling across 316 acres, the campus is away from the dim and noise of the city markets and roads.

         University's Department of Persian, Urdu and Arabic is situated in its Block Number 2. This Deptt.came into existence in year 1967. The basic aim for the establishment of this deptt. was to develop Mother-daughter relation between Punjabi and Urdu Persian languages. Punjab is the only state of India whose name is in Urdu. The history and culture of Punjab is known through the languages of Punjabi and Urdu. The Urdu Scholars are of the firm opinion that Punjab is the actual birth place of Urdu. Out of the eminent teachers and educationists linked with this deptt., the top name is Prof. Kirpal Singh Bedaar who was a known Urdu poet of his times. The other name is Prof. Gulwant Singh, who was head of this department and is remembered as Baba-e-Farsi who remained life-fellow of the University even after his retirement. His compiled Persian-Punjabi Dictionary is proud recognition of the University. Third head of this department was late Dr. Zakir HusainNaqvi who basically was a scholar of Persian. He was expert of ilm-e-Urooz as well as a poet. He died in year 1992 during his tenure. Afterwards the responsibility of this department as head was handed over to Dean, Faculty of languages of University and that is why the department could not achieve the due and befitting progress in Urdu Persian Fields. After promotion of Dr. Tariq Kifayat-Ullah as reader, the headship of this Deptt. was handed over to teacher of the Deptt. Dr. Tariq remained Head upto 2006. When he was in the way for re-establishment of the department, Dr. Tariq was transferred as Head to Nawab Sher Mohammad Khan Institute of Advanced Studies in Urdu, Persian and Arabic, Malerkotla.

         In 2007, Dr. NashirNaqvi was promoted as Head of the deptt. after which the activities of the deptt. started moving with speed in the positive direction. Dr. Naqvi has good experience in administration and is also a known writer and poet. Under his leadership the new courses of Urdu and Persian as well as academic activities have started functioning properly.

          Punjabi University has established eleven regional centres in Malwa region of Punjab in addition to Patiala One of them is Nawab Sher Mohd. Khan Institute of Advanced Studies in Urdu, Persian and Arabic in Malerkotla. The research work of  this institute is also under the control of the University Department.

Faculty (Click on Faculty Name for Bio data)

(1) Dr. Mohd. Jameel: (Professor & Head)    (Bio-Data)       (Bio-Data Punjabi) 

M.A. (Persian, Urdu), Ph.D (Urdu)

Dr. Jameel has studied the non-historical Novel writing of Maulana Abdul Haleem Sharar. He is deeply attached with Persian literature. He likes religious values religiously. Dr. Jameel has written literary cum religious books "Taleem-Ul-Islam" and "Fazail-e-Aamal" In Punjabi. The other books in his credit are  "Qadeem Shoara-e- Malerkotla", "Hathyar", "Muavin-e-Urdu" and "Katrnan Ton Bani Aurat". Dr. Jameel has translated "Tareekh-e-Bhattian", and "Punjab Vand Di Khufia Kahani" in Punjabi on behalf of Department of Punjab Historical Studies.


(2) Dr. Rehman Akhtar : (Assistant Professor) (Bio-Data) 

Courses Offered and Admission Criteria

S. No.







(M.Phil.,Ph.D) Research in Urdu and Persian

B.A. with Minimum 50%, M.A. with Minimum 55% marks


M.A. (Semester System) in Urdu / Persian.

2 Years


B.A. with Minimum 50% also, Already M.A.    Pass of any other subject


Diploma Course (one year) in Urdu, Persian.

1 Year


10+2 or Certificate Course Pass


Certificate Course (one year) in Urdu ,Persian and Arabic

1 Year


Metric Pass


       Note: Pass in B.A. or M.A. in any subject will be eligibility for regular M.A. in Urdu/Persian. This special  facility is available only for the Deptt. of Persian, Urdu and Arabic in the University.





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