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Department Introduction

Maharshi Valmiki is considered the first poet of classical Sanskrit Literature. He composed Ramakatha in verses. This work is called Ramayana,Ramacarita,Sitacarita and Paulastya-Vadha. Valmiki was a great scholar of his time. He had the divine power.Millions of people worship this Rishi and consider him as their God. In Indian literature any poet who wrote Ramakatha ,paid his homage to this Rishi.

For the last 150 years scholars are doing research on Ramayana. A vast research has been done on the different aspects of Valmiki Ramayana. But no one has paid any attention to the life history of Rishi Valmiki . Keeping in view etymology of the word-Valmiki -(Valmike bhavah iti Valmiki ), many baseless stories were developed around his personalily . To find out the facts about Rishi Valmiki a deep and thorough research was done by Dr.(Prof.) MANJULA SAHDEV. This work was published by Punjabi University,Patiala in the year,1980.

This study created interest among the scholars as well as in common man, to know more about Rishi Valmiki and his works. Keeping in view the demand of the people, Punjab Government took the step to establish a study center entitled "MAHARSHI VALMIKI CHAIR".This Chair is constituted in the Campus of Punjabi University, Patiala.

This Chair started its working on 16.10.1995.with the appointment of one Professor. Its first function - "SEMINAR AND INAUGURATION" was held on 15.3.1996.

Second NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM was held on 27.2.1997.

The third NATIONAL SEMINAR was organized on 09-10.12.1997.

The research papers submitted by the scholars in these three Seminars were published in the form of two books.

The Department has collected books on Rishi Valmiki and his work Ramayana.

Faculty (Click on Faculty Name for Bio data)

Dr. Inder Mohan Singh (Incharge)

Smt. Shalu Shukla ( Research Associate)

Thrust Area

  • To do research on life and works of Maharshi Valmiki.
  • To do research on the different aspects of Valmiki Ramayana and Maha Yogavashitha Ramayana.
  • To prepare Biblography of Ramayana.
  • To procure books and all documents related to Rishi Valmiki and his works.

Research Projects

    Controversial aspects of Valmiki Ramayana.

    Punjabi Translation of a book entitled "Maharshi Valmiki - Eka - Samikshatmaka Adhyayana" written in Hindi - Sanskrit by Dr. MANJULA SAHDEV, published by Punjabi University,Patiala in 1980.

Significant Achievements

  • Seminar/Symposium organized by the Department :
    1. National Seminar in the year 1995-96(North Zone of India) dated : 15.3.1996. Title : "Maharshi Valmiki and his Epic Ramayana"
    2. National Symposium in the year 1996-97 , dated : 27.2.1997. Title : "The contribution of Maharshi Valmiki to Indian Society"
    3. National Seminar in the year 1997-98, dated : 09-10.12.1997. Title : "Valmiki Ramayana - the first poetry"
    4. INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON YOGAVASISTHA MAHARAMAYANA 26-28,February,2003 (Sponsored by Central Valmik Sabha U.K.)
  • Books published by the Department :
    1. "Teaching of Maharshi Valmiki" (Hindi and Punjabi Language) published by Punjabi University, Patiala, year - 1996.
    2. "Maharshi Valmiki - Personality & his work" - published by Punjabi University, Patiala, year 1997.
    3. "Valmiki Ramayana - A Unique Epic" - published by Punjabi University, Patiala ,Year - 1999.
    4. The Department has collected 305 books on Valmiki Ramayana and related to its field.
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