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Department History

Date of Establishment of the Department: 1998

When the University introduced religion as a subject of academic study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Sikhism naturally found a prominent place in the scheme. An intensive exercise in this direction revealed the lack of standard reference books on Sikhism. A decision was taken to prepare an Encyclopaedia in Punjabi as a part of the Punjabi development programme. However, Professor Harbans Singh who offered to undertake work on the project as Editor-in-Chief suggested to first have the English version for the benefit of wider readership in India and abroad. His proposal found favour with the University authorities and work was started in right earnest. It took more than two decades to complete this gigantic task. The encyclopedia is a tribute to the dedication and assiduous hard work put in with a missionary zeal by Professor Harbnas Singh and his inspired team. The complete set of this Encyclopedia was released by the Prime Minister of India on 5 March 1999 at New Delhi in a special function.

The University Syndicate in its meeting dated 26-06-1998 appropriately decided to turn the setup behind the project into a full-fledged Department so that the Encyclopedia is made available in Punjabi and constant revision and updating becomes a continuing process. The Department has been named after Professor Harbans Singh--a befitting honour to an academic.

Faculty and System Officers with qualifications and specialization




Publications/Projects (Number only)

Conferences/Seminars attended

Name:Dr. Jodh Singh

Designation: Editor-in-Chief

Qualifications: M.A (Philosophy,Hindi & English), Ph.D

Contact Information

Phone (O) 0175-304-6226

Cell No. 9815914691


Sikh Philosophy and Religion

Books: 16


National: 25


Projects: 1


National: 35

International: 20


National: 30

International: 25

Name: Dr. Paramvir Singh

Designation: Reader

Qualification: M.A (Philosophy,Punjabi,Religious Studies), NET (Rel.Studies, Philosophy), Ph.D

Contact Information

Cell No. 09872074322

Sikh Philosophy and Religion

Books: 4











Name: Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Sandhu

Designation: Lecturer

Qualifications: M.Phil, Ph.D

Contact Information

Phone: 0175-2282049 (R)

Cell No. 9855588988


Sikh History

Books: 3


National: 3

International: 1

Projets: 1


National: 3



National: 10

International: 3

Name : Dr. Parminder Kaur

Designation: Lecturer (Contract basis)

Qualification: M.Phil, Ph.D

Contact Information

Cell No. 9888650088

Sikh Philosophy and Religion

Books: 2


National: 7







National: 7

International: 1

Visiting Faculty

  1. The Department organized an International Seminar on 27-29 March 2000 "Sikhism: A Religion for the Third Millennium" which was attended by scholars from throughout the world. Dr. Marcus President of the World Congress of Faiths, Oxford, gave the key-note address. Among the scholars who took part included Dr. Amrik Singh (Delhi), Dr. J.S.Grewal (Chandigarh), Dr. Surjit Kaur (Pune), Dr. N. MuthuMohan (Madurai), Dr. N.S.S Raman (Varanasi), Dr. Bhai Harbans Lal (USA) and several others.

  1. The Department organized, in collaboration with the World Congress of Faiths, Oxford, U.K., on 28-29 January 2002 an International Seminar on "Contribution of Inter-faith Work to Social Harmony and World Peace" and a one-day Symposium on the Guru Granth Sahib on 30 January, 2002

  1. Dr. Joy Barrow has also worked as a visiting scholar in this department from July-Aug, 2003.

  1. The Department organized an International Seminar on 19-21 February, 2007 "Towards Building a Peaceful Pluralistic Society: Role of Religion". The scholars who are working in the field of Religion and Interfaith Studies from different countries like: U.S.A, England, Germany, and Canada had participated in this seminar.

  1. The Department has also organized an International seminar on 26-28 February 2008 "Religion and Human Social Responsibility" which was attended by scholars from throughout the world.

  1. The Department organized a three day National Seminar on 30-31 January to 1 February 2009 on the topic "gzikph GkFk, fuzsB ns/ ;fGnkuko ftek; ns/ w[bKeD## which was attended by the various scholars from India.

  1. The Department is also going to organize an International Seminar on 2-4 March 2010 on the topic "Interfaith Understanding and World Peace". The scholars who are working in the field of Religion and Inter faith studies from different countries will participate in this seminar.

Thrust Area

Apart from the research activities the Department also organizes two Memorial Lectures every year. One, Sardarni Kailash Kaur Memorial Lecture is delivered annually by an outside scholar of eminence on any aspect of Sikh life and letters. Lectures relating to Sikh ethos and philosophy have been delivered by the following scholars:

Dr. Dipankar Gupta of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (1999); Dr. K.L.Seshagiri Rao, Chief Editor, Encyclopaedia of Hinduism, University of South Caroline in the U.S.A.(2000); Dr. Alan Race, Editor, World Faiths Encounter,Leicester, England (2001); Dr. David Cheetham,University of Birmingham (2002);Professor Bhuvan Chandel, Director, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla (2003); Sardar Pal Singh Purewal (2004), Nikki Gurinder Kaur Singh (2005). And Professor Catherine Asher, University of Minnesota, U.S.A (2006). Prof. MuthuMohan (2007), Prof. Swaraj Basu (2008) and Prof. Shankar Prasad (2009) had delivered the lectures.

Second, Col. Harpartap Singh Dhillon Memorial Lecture, got started in 2002 the lectures have been delivered by eminent Scholars : Maj. Gen. Himmat Singh Gill (2002) Dr. Mahip Singh, Delhi, ( 2003) Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal (2004). Air com. Jasjit Singh (2005), Lt. Gen. O.P. Kaushik (2006) Dr. Marcus Braybrook (U.K.) 2007, Prof. S.P.Dubey (2008) and Prof. I.N.Choudhouri (2009) had delivered the lectures.

Significant Achievements

A) Since its inception in 1998, the Department published the following books by members of its staff:

1.      The Khalsa Prithipal Singh Kapur and Dharam Singh (1999).

2.      Banda Singh Bahadur,Ed.,Prithipal Singh Kapur and Dharam singh(2000).

3.      Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Ed. Prithipal Singh Kapur and Dharam Singh (2001).

4.      Perspectives on Sikhism, Ed. by Prithipal Singh Kapur and Dharam Singh (2002)

5.      Interfaith Dialogue : Different Perspectives, Ed. Dharam Singh (2003)

6.      Essential Postulates of Sikhism, Ed.Dharam Singh (2004)

7.      Spirituo-Ethical Philosophy of Guru Angad Dev,  Jodh Singh (2004)

8.      Guru Arjan Dev, Dharam Singh (2007)

9. Applied Philosophy in Guru Granth Sahib, Jodh Singh (2009)

B) The Encyclopedia is a 4-volume publication, each volume running to about 500 printed pages. It includes a total of about 3500 entries on different subject titles relating to Sikh life and letters, history and philosophy, customs and rituals, social and religious movements, art and architecture, locales and shrines. Although it is not an easy task to restate and repack the entire range of information and knowledge of a people yet an attempt has been made here precisely to define the doctrine and terms of Sikhism.

Major Research Projects, Minor Projects

  1. The Department is working on the preparation of a Punjabi adaptation of the Encyclopaedia of Sikhism keeping in mind the requirements of the Punjabi readers. This is being done under the supervision of Dr. Jodh Singh, Editor-in-Chief.

  1. Punjabi adaptation of first volume of Encyclopaedia of Sikhism is published.

  1. Work on the Punjabi adaptation of 2nd, 3rd and 4th volume of Encyclopaedia of Sikhism is in progress.

  1. Work on the revision and updating of the Encyclopaedia is also in han

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