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The Department

The Department of Development of Punjabi Language was conceived and established in 1965 by the well wishers of Punjabi language, scholars of Punjabi and builders of modern Punjab. The founding of this department was regarded as a major event in the progress of Punjabi Culture and History. To fulfill this objective the following significant steps were taken :

1. Establishment of Punjabi Development Department as the central body for the development of Punjabi language.

2. The Establishment of Punjabi Development Fund (DPL).

After identifying and selecting areas which needed overall development and in order to effectively manage this activity, several schemes, units of organizations were envisaged.

At present the following department / units are being managed out of DPL Fund :

1. Punjabi Literary Studies Department

2. Punjabi Lexicography Department

3. Theatre and TV Department

4. Journalism and Mass Communication

5. Publication Bureau

In addition, Punjabi Reference Library, Museum and Art Gallery, Publicity and Public Relations Department, Honours School in Punjabi, Holiday Home and Art Gallery of Andhreta and Waris Bhawan also lies with this fund. The activities of all these departments though seemingly separate, yet converge on the role and mission of Punjabi and Punjab's cultural development.

Punjabi Language Development is a multifaculty department which comprises a competent team of experts belonging to various fields of studies, text book cell and translation cell is part and parcel of this department. The all-round development of Punjabi language, Literature and culture is the main objective of this Department. This department has dedicated itself to the objective envisaged by the founders of the department and has played a unique role in establishing a unique identity of this university.

Faculty, Qualification and Specialization:

1)Dr. Jasbir Kaur, Professor & Head
M.A. (Sangeet Gayan), Ph.D.
Specialisation : Sangeet/Gurmat Sangeet
Published Work : 6 books (1 authorship, 5 edited)
Research Papers : 22
Musical Performance on different occasions : 15 times
Ph.D. Students : 9

2) Dr. Dhanwant Kaur, Professor
M.A. honours (Punjabi), M.A. (Hindi), M.Phil., Ph.D.
Specialisation : Punjabi Galap Sidhant ate Aalochana
Published Work : 18 books (5 authorship, 13 edited)
Research Papers : 50
Ph.D. Students : 5

3) Dr. Amarjeet Kaur, Professor
M.A. (Anthropological Linguistics), M. Phil., Ph.D
Specialisation : General Linguistics and Semiotics
Published Work : 8 books (2 authorship, 6 edited)
Research Papers : 18
Edited Journal : 5 volumes
Ph.D. Students : 3

4) Dr. Baljeet Kaur, Lecturer
M.Sc. (Zoology) (Life Sciences), M.Phill., Ph.D., P.G.D.C.A.
Published Work : 1 book
Research Papers : 6

5) Dr. Baljeet Kaur Sekhon, Assistant Professor state - 3
M.A. (Punnabi), Ph.D
Specialisation : Lokdhara
Published Work : 2 books
Research Papers : 17
Ph.D. Students : 8

6) Dr. Yograj, Assistant Professor
M.A. (honours Punjabi,M.J.M.C.) Hindi, Ph.D.
Specialisation : Punjabi Natak
Research Papers : 15
Ph.D. Students : 8

7) Dr. Parminderjit Kaur, Assitant Professor
M.A. (Punjabi), Religious Study, Ph.D.
Specialisation : Punjabi Natak
Published Work : 1 book (under publication)
Research Papers : 6
Ph.D. Students : 6

Major Schemes:

  1. Production of resource material

    i) Reference Books and Subject Dictionaries in Punjabi

  2. Reference books and dictionaries occupy an important place in the basic source materials needed for language learning and teaching. It is the only source of information regarding the richness of the language The department has prepared a tri-lingual dictionary (Hindi-Punjabi- English) in three volumes, which was later publised by Govt. of India. Dictionary of Synonyms and Anonyms, dictionary of proverbs and idioms. Subject dictionaries in Economics, Zoology, Mathematics, Commerce and Business Management have been published by the department.

    Subject dictionaries on Environment, Geography & Political Science are under preparation. 'Agriculture Atlas of Punjab' is unique work published by this department. Encyclopaediae of Punjabi Literary Genres like Kisa-Kav, Var Kav, Jagnamas, Punjabi Gazal, Lexicography etc. are also under preparation.


    ii)Preparation of Text Books in Punjabi under Medium Switch Over Scheme .

    The Main aim of the Department is to prepare and publish high quality text books in Punjabi for under-graduate and post-graduate classes. In the 'medium switch over scheme' (1971), Punjabi was made the medium of instruction and examination for undergraduate courses in Arts, Sciences and Commerce . In 1981 the Syndicate allowed even postgraduate students and M.Phil students to opt for Punjabi as the medium of instruction.

    To implement this scheme successfully, the need of the hour was to prepare basic material in Punjabi. This department undertook this responsibility with a sense of purpose and text books in all the subjects depending upon the changes in syllabi are published.

    iii) Preparation of General Books

    Apart from text books, the department published general books in Sciences, Social Sciences, Punjabi Language, Literature and Culture. The department feels proud in publishing complete or selected works of prominent Punjabi writers. Books related to cultural heritage, religion, history, contribution of Punjab to India, and also related to freedom movement of India have been published by the department. During the centennial celebration of Mahatma Gandhi a number of books about the independence movement and our heroic tradition were published.

    General books in the field of music, defence studies, economics, journalism, commerce, law, political science, psychology, education, business management and fine arts etc. have also been published.

    Till date more than one thousand titles have been published by the department under these schemes.


    iv) Translation of World Classics in Punjabi

    In 1963, the translation cell was established and Government of India accepted it as a translation agency. Later, it was made part of the department of Punjabi language development.

    Under various schemes of the department, the translation of world classics in Punjabi as well as classics of Punjabi into English, Urdu and Hindi was undertaken by the department. Translation of literature written in South Indian languages and in Sanskrit has been carried out. Transliteration of Pakistani literature has also been undertaken by the department.

    Works of literateurs like Shakespeare, Bernard Shaw, Ernest Hemingway, Jean Paul Sartre, Ruskin, Khalil Gibran have been translated into Punjabi by the Department.

    To make noble prize laureates literature available to Punjabi readers the department has taken up the task of publishing the literature of noble prize laureates.

    Not only Literary classics but renowned works of historians and thinkers of other fields have also been translated by the department. Till date 250 authors have been translated.

    v) Popularisation of Science

    Popularisation of science and Technology is one of the major activities of this department. Apart from text books which were prepared under the medium switch over scheme for under-graudate and postgraduate classes in different science subjects, general books on Environment, Health, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Space, Home Science, Computer and in the field of Forensic Science have been published and some are under preparation. The main aim of the department is to prepare high quality science literature in Punjabi to bring common man closer to science, to familiarise people with the method of science, to develop a scientific outlook, to make people aware about the environment related issues, health problems and with new or more useful technology. Effort is made to provide literature in simple script and to avoid unnecessary use of technical terms to bring science closer to non-scientific readers.

    Recently, a workshop on " Enhancing science coverage in mass media" was organised in collaboration with State Council for Science and Technology Punjab. The main aim of the workshop was to identify and encourage potentially good writers and provide them training to develop skills for scientific writing.


    vi) Children's Literature

    Our country's future depends upon children. The Department is fully aware of its duty towards their intellectual development. Some original books on children's literature have been published by the department, but Bal Vishav Kosh (Children's Encyclopaedia)in 4 volumes is a major project of the department which is specially conceived for the children of Global age. This will be the first encyclopaedia in Punjabi for children between 6 to 14 years of age.

  3.   Fellowships to Punjabi Scholars

    The Department of Punjabi Development proudly acknowledges the co-operation it has been receiving from the academic world working in the field of Punjabi development. As a result, the department has instituted positions such as Professor of Enimence, ten Life Fellowships, five Senior Fellowships, 5 Fellowships and two Honorary Fellowships. These Fellowships are given to prominent Punjabi writers and their completed projects are published by the department. The academic profile of our honourable fellows is as follows :

    Professor of Eminence


    Dr. Attar Singh

    1.1.1994 to12.8.1994


    Principal Sant Singh Sekhon

    15.12.1994 to 14.12.1996


    Sh. Balwant Gargi

    30.7.1998 to 29.7.2000


    Prof. Gurdial Singh

    17-5-02 to 16-5-04

    Life fellows


    Principal Sant Singh Sekhon

    15.5.1987 to 14.12. 1994 &15.12.1996 to 6. 10.1997


    S. Piara Singh Padam

    9.8.1993 to 30.4.2001


    Dr. Harkeerat Singh

    17.8.1993 onward


    S. Kirpal Singh Kasel

    12.8.1993 onward


    Professor Gulwant Singh

    16.8.1993 to 6.12.2000


    Sh. Harnam Das Sehrai

    17.8.1993 to 12.1.2001


    Dr. Surjeet Singh Sethi

    2.11.1994 to 20.3.1995


    Dr. Dalip Kaur Tiwana

    8.11.1994 onward


    Dr. Surinder Singh Kohli

    3.1.1995 to 19.7.2003


    S. Santokh Singh Dheer

    9.3.1995 onward


    Prof. Harbhajan Singh

    14.3.1995 to 20.10.02


    Sh. Devinder Satyarthi

    8.9.1995 to 11.2.03


    Sh. Hansraj Hans

    7-8-2001 onward


    Dr. Gurbachan Sing Nayyer

    12-10-01 onward


    Dr. Jagtar Singh Grewal

    22-7-03 onward


    Smt. Amrita Pritam

    29-7-03 onward


    Sh. Kuldeep Nayyer

    29-7-03 onward

    Senior fellows


    Dr. Karnail Singh Thind

    5.8.1993 to 4.8.1995


    Dr. Ram Murti Goel

    28.12.1993 to 11.6.1996


    Dr. Surjeet Singh Haans

    1.1.1994 to 31.12. 1998


    Dr. Surjeet Singh Dhillon

    1.6.1994 to 31.5.1999


    Prof. Prithipal Singh Kapoor

    28.12.1996 to 4.12.1998


    Sh. Harbhajan Halvarvi

    14.5.1997 to 15.12.1998


    Sh. Balraj Pandit

    1.2.2000 to 31.1.2001


    Dr. Harcharan Singh

    9-8-00 to 8-8-03


    Dr. Harnaam Singh Shaan

    1.9.2000 to 31.8.2003


    Dr. Kirpal Singh

    1.9.2000 to 31.8.2003


    Dr. Gurbachan Singh Nayyer

    6.9.2000 to 11.10.2001


    Sh. Ajoy Chakkarbarty




    Sh. G.S. Reyal

    11.11.1992 to 10.11.1999


    Dr. Rajinder Singh Bhasin

    6.8.1993 to 5.8.1995


    Dr. Rattan Singh Jaggi

    24.12.1993 to 25.6.2000


    Dr. Tarlochan Singh Bedi

    30.12.1993 to 29.12.1994


    Dr. Kirpal Singh Chabra

    21.1.1994 to 20.1.1995


    Dr. Prem Parkash Singh

    6.4.1994 to 5.4.1998


    Dr. Sudarshan Singh

    22.2.1995 to 21.2.1996


    Dr. M.P. Kohli

    28.2.1995 to 27.2.2000


    Dr. Jagtar Singh

    6.2.1997 to5.8.1999


    Sh. Harinder Singh Mehboob

    4.12.1998 to 3.12.2000


    Dr. Aatam Hamrahi

    8.12.1998 to 7.12.2000


    Dr. Surjeet Singh Dhillon

    1.11.2000 to 31.10.2003


    Dr. Rajinder Singh Lamba

    9-8-02 to 8-8-03


    Prof. Kirpal Kazak

    3-2-03 to 2-2-04


    Sh. Bakar Hussain

    29-7-03 to 30-11-2003


  4. Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

    The department organised conferences/seminars/special lectures for the development of Punjabi language, literature and culture . Since 1982, hosting of international Punjabi Development Conference is the annual feature of this department. A galaxy of Punjabi writers from India and abroad converge on the univeristy campus and this brings about a confluence of minds and create an ambience in which new ideas grow and develop and their interactions pave the way for bright future for Punjabi language. The proceedings of the conference are published by the department in the form of a book.

    So far 19 National and International Punjabi Vikas Concerences, 22 Senimars, 4 Workshops on different themes have been organised by the department. The department also organises special lectures to pin-point the new thrust areas.

    ' Punjabi Lok Sangeet Mela ' was also organized by the department . An eighteen hours audio and video recroding of traditional folk music has been preserved by the department.

  5. Journals

    The journal of any university is the symbol of intellect and thoughtful consciousness of that particular institution.

    At present four journals "Punjabi University SABHYACHAR PATRIKA", " SAMAJIK VIGHYAN PATR", " VIGHYAN DE NAKSH" and "SAHITYA MARG " are being published.


    This journal deals with social sciences. The aim of SAMAJIK VIGHYAN PATR is to spread the utilitarian and dialectical knowledge instead of imaginative information. 50 issues of this journal have been published so far. Some special issues such as 'Punjab Economy', 'Impact of media on Punjab' etc. had been published by the department. This 51 issue of SAMAJIK VIGHYAN PATR is being brought out as special issue on 'Gurmat sangeet'.


    Journal ' VIGHYAN DE NAKSH ' deals with sciences.It being published since 1968 and so far 39 issues have been published. 13 issues of another two journals 'Engineering Patrika' and 'Doctary Vighyan' have been published but now these two journals are not published independently but as a part of 'Vighyan De Naksh' only.

    The main aim of this journal is to encourage our budding scientists to write popular articles in their mother tongue and to make people understand the latest advances in science and to bring out how science can help to improve quality of life.


    This journal is launched with the sole objective of bringing into focus the desirable methodical analysis of Punjabi culture. SABHYACHAR PATRIKA is designed to consolidate the research in the various domain of punjabi culture and to create an interaction among creative writers, researchers and scholars . Culturologists have given good response to this journal . The second issue of SABHYACHAR PATRIKA is a special issue on cultural study of Sri Guru Granth Sahib as it is dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Parkash Divas of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. 

    iv) SAHITYA MARG (Journal in Hindi)

    Sahitya Marg is journal in Hindi, It is recognized and reviewed to make the excess of Punjabi literature to Hindi Readers. This journal publishes the translation of original literature of Punjabi. So far 17 issues have been published by the department.

    11 issues of 'Sikhya Patrika' and "Puran Singh Studies" in five volumes was also published by the department.

  6. Annual University Diary
  7. One of the prime duty of our university is to honour, and to remember all renowned scholars, writers and torch-bearer of Punjabiat. According to university's well -meaning policy decision, the Annual Diary of Punjabi University is dedicated to an eminent Punjabi scholar or reputed writer. By showing our gratitude and respect we have dedicated our Annual Diaries to Bhai Mohan Singh Vaid, Lala Dhani Ram Chatrik, Waris Shah, Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha, Dr. Mohan Singh Diwana, Principal Teja Singh, Bhai Veer Singh, S. Nanak Singh, Sh. Sobha Singh, Professor Mohan Singh, S. Gurbax Singh Preetlari, S. Kulwant Singh Virk, Dr. Attar Singh, Master Tara Singh and P. Sant Singh Sekhon. In these annual diaries we have also recorded and paid required respect to some important historical events such as Khalsa Tricentury Celebrations, University Silver Jubilee Celebrations, All India Science Conference, etc. Annual Diary of 2004 is being dedicated to 400th anniversary of Guru Granth Sahib Parkash Divas.

Significant Research Projects in Hand

1. Children's Encyclopaedia (4 volumes)

2. Punjab (5 volumes)

3. Subjects Dictionaries

4. Encyclopaedia of Punjabi Literary Genres

5. Punjabi translation of Nobel laureates literature

6. Complete works of Prominent Punjabi Writers

7. Monographs of Punjabi Historians\ Artists\ thinkers

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